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Name: Peter Lowit


Country of origin: Scotland


Instruments played: Double Bass


Short background of experience:


I have been playing double bass for over 40 years, and as well as working with many fine Scottish musicians over the years I have accompanied international jazz stars including Bobby Wellins, Dave Cliff, Geof Simkins, Peter King, Theo Travis, Pete Strange, Ray Wordsworth, George Masso, Digby Fairweather, Anders Bergcrantz, Pat Crumly, Spike Robinson, Jesse Davis and Loren Stillman.


Chosen genre: Jazz


Where else do you play?  


I have played in the Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Stavanger Jazz Festivals and taught at jazz workshops run by Tom and Phil Bancroft, Richard Michael and the National Scottish Jazz Youth Orchestra.


What do you bring to Carmelite Diners/Visitors?


Working with some great jazz piano players - we mostly play late night jazz: blues tinged standards and the occasional contemporary piece with a strong  accent on melody and swing.








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