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Name: Connor Montgomery


Country of origin: Scotland


Instruments played: Piano, Electric/Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Harmonica, Clarinet


Short background of experience:


I’ve been a musician for 23 years.  An accomplished blues guitarist and blues/jazz pianist has seen me travel the world as a musician.  Spending a year in Canada on tour with a self written album created the opportunity to move to Sydney, Australia where I spent 2 years as a Music Coach at Sydney’s Music School.  Having had the opportunity to play to 8,000 people at a music festival in Ingliston, Edinburgh I can say with confidence that I am at my most comfortable when performing.  My style of old and new and my ability to improvise to most things has helped me stand out as a unique player.


Where else do you play? Exhibition Centre, Blue Lamp, Tunnels, Drummonds, Music Hall


Chosen genre: Blues, Jazz, Rock N’ Roll, Pop, Funk


What do you bring to Carmelite Diners/Visitors?  


I like to think I bring a varied style in musicality, whether I’m playing the blues on the guitar or “improving” on the piano.  It doesn’t matter if your a blues fan, jazz fanatic or pop enthusiast – when I play there is something for everyone!

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